John Craighead

  • 13 Year Pro
  • 2x Cup Champion
  • 2x NHL Fitness Champ
  • 2x NHL Contract
  • 6 yrs European Experience
  • OVER 700 Pro games
  • Current Surrey Knights Junior Hockey
    Team Owner

John Craighead’s  to push athletes beyond mental boundaries in order to break down physical barriers in conditioning. Thereby achieveing goals that previously never seemed possible. This by no means of the imagination is the most extreme and competittive conditioning camp of its time. This boot camp is designed to enhance an athlete’s explosive power, speed, agility, strength, balance, coordination, aerobic and anaerobic capacity (conditioning), flexibility and above all, mental toughness (HEART!!)

Survivor is looking for the hard working role player who believes in his heart, with the right guidance and proper instruction; he can reach his goals and dreams as John once has.  “I believe anyone can play in the NHL.  Dreams happen to those who believe in them.”  Survivor is looking for players to challenge themselves and make the commitment to becoming a PRO!